About the Author

My name is Russ Swan.   I don’t hold any degrees relating to climate issues but I am concerned that collectively we are being misled about the real situation regarding climate warming. I am not saying we are – but I AM concerned about it.

Throughout history, mankind has been told by the collective wisdom of scientists, philosophers and other deep thinkers of the day into believing that certain issues are true – but which proved later not to be.  Could that not be happening now – even on such a huge scale?

I understand that I may immediately be pilloried as some kind of fool, or maybe I’m a conspiracy theorist, or maybe I’m just out to get myself noticed? These are a common type of insult directed to those who don’t follow the herd. But I think that surely there must be others out there  who are concerned about the policy making decisions of Governments who accept the mantra that humans are the cause of dangerous global warming, based on nothing more than  a “scientific consensus”.

A consensus is not a scientific fact. It may be said to be pretty much an agreed opinion but after that it gets cloudy. Which scientists? What are their qualifications? How many scientists? are just a few of the sorts of questions one could ask. Consensus is more about politics than science.

A scientific fact only takes one scientist to prove it. It should survive rigorous testing by many other independent scientists to arrive at the same conclusion. And this hasn’t yet happened in regard to this issue.

I don’t believe I’m a fool, egoist or nutcase and I don’t have any hidden agenda.  I’m not being paid for what I’m saying. I’m just an average man who like most everyone else is scientifically uneducated and was sucked along by the alarmist craze starting with Senator Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” along with thousands if not millions of others.

I started questioning the truth of alarmist statements after a High Court Judge in London found there were 9 scientific errors in the video. It was a classic case of Cause Noblesse – or Noble Cause Corruption. This is where people will use deception, lies or even illegal methods to convince others about a particular issue which they believe is for the greater good.

Once alerted I began to see it in alarmist propaganda. I could also see it now and again on the deniers side as well so both sides of the debate have been guilty of Cause Noblesse.

But let’s not be too hasty to condemn everything that one side or the other is saying.  Somewhere between the extremes of the argument lies the real truth.

And the only truth we know for sure is that the global temperature will change sooner or later – with or without any human contribution.  And the billions of dollars currently being squandered with no result will not be available should a REAL climatic event actually happen.