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Human Caused Dangerous Global Warming – True or False?

The blog will be examining the issues on both sides of the argument whether humans are causing dangerous climate change.  Comments are welcome but please read the rules below first.

The history of this debate can be traced back to the beginning of the Industrial Age, in particular to the burning of fossil fuels. Over time the terms “Global Warming” and “Climate Change have come to be understood to mean dangerous warming of the planet caused by human activities, including for example land clearing and emissions of CO2 “greenhouse” gases from vehicles and factories.

But was it true then and still true today?

One scientist denier Professor Robert Carter said in his book, “Before human-caused global warming can become an economic, social or environmental problem, it first has to be identified by scientific study as a dangerous hazard for the planet, distinct from normal climate change”.

Seems to be a fair statement.

Literally trillions of dollars have been spent in the search for such proof. No unambiguous proof has yet been found. Scientific papers are sprinkled with words like “may”, “could” “potential” and so on.  So on the balance of probabilities and circumstantial evidence the term “scientific consensus” was born.

For over the last 2 decades the average people of the world have been told that the “science is settled” on the hypothesis that humans are causing dangerous global warming. Many scientific institutions and governments have become fully convinced on the truth of it. Some Western democracies are even striving to force carbon trading tax systems onto the world in an effort to reduce CO2 into the atmosphere.

So how is it possible that something that has not been proven can be accepted as a truth?

There is no simple answer.  The answer lies in a myriad of reasons which will take time to explore which this blog will bring to you.  It will be exposing the inaccuracies and deceptions used by both sides of the issue.  There are many, many shades of belief in between the extremes of belief and denial, but I’ll try to keep it simple and just refer to advocates as either alarmists or deniers.


1. If you are going to try to prove or disprove something you must quote a reasonable source where others can go to look for themselves.

2. Sources from below will not be accepted for reasons that over time will become apparent:
a. The IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel;
b. The Hadley Climatic Research Unit;
c. Australia’s CSIRO (and I’m sure that will come as a shock to most Australians);
d. WikiLeaks;
e. Articles written in non-scientific magazines or journals.
f. Inane comments e.g. “You’re so wrong” without backing up such statement.

3. Keep it nice and to the point. Hate, sexual or other inappropriate or offensive comments will not make it past moderation and may even result in you getting blocked.

Issues on Climate Change does not necessarily believe that the IPCC deliberately manipulates data or engages in misleading or deceptive conduct.  It is however believed to be organisationally biased by it’s very mandate i.e. to prove that mankind is responsible for current dangerous global warming.  Any issue that is examined only from one viewpoint cannot be complete nor always considered totally correct.